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13630 Nichols Drive, Clarksville, MD  21029 301-854-0244 cell 240-460-9778,   fax 301-854-3695


We want to get to know you and your family.  We would like you to visit our home and meet

our dogs and then we will also visit you. We hope to have a litter December 2015  

with our blk/white female Anwen bred to a blue merle male CH Davenitch Jacob's Ladder. 

Pups from this litter could be merles, black and white or tricolor. Thanks for your interest in our pups.


Our adult dogs and puppies are a part of our family from the time they are born.

They are raised inside and with our family.  Our adult dogs sleep on our beds. 

We want each of our puppies to have a wonderful life! Each and every one is

unique and has a wonderful personality.  We try to match the personality of our

pups to their new home. 





email address____________________________

phone number____________________________work_________________________  cell__________________


Have you ever owned a dog? _________________________________________________________________

If so how many?___________________________when?____________________________________________

What happened to the dogs you previously owned?_______________________________________________

At what age did they pass away?_______________________circumstances___________________________

Do you currently own a dog? _________________________________________________________________

If so how many?____________________________________________________________________________

Please list breed, age and sex of dogs currently owned?___________________________________________


Do you own other pets: cats, birds, horses or exotic pets?  Please list here:__________________________


Have you ever owned a Cardigan Welsh Corgi?___________________________________________________

Why do you want a Cardigan?________________________________________________________________

Do you live in a house, townhouse or apartment?_________________

rent or own?_______________________rural or urban?______________

Do you have a fenced in and secure area to exercise your dog or will you dog need to be on a

leash when exercised?  ______________________________________________________________________

How large is the fenced in area? _______________________________________________________________

How many hours a day do you plan to keep your dog in your house?__________________________________ 


Crate or kennel?_____________________________________________________________________________


Where do you plan to keep your dog at night?________________________________________

While you are away?_____________________________________________________________


Will you be using a crate to train your dog?_____________________________________________________

If so, how do you plan to use it?_______________________________________________________________

What type of training do you intend for this dog?__________________________________________________


Would you be willing to enroll in a puppy kindergarten class?_____________________________

Do you want a Cardigan for companion, show, obedience, agility, therapy or other, please explain? _______________________________________________________________________


Briefly explain why this is the time you have chosen to bring a new dog into your family?__________________



How much money do you think it will take to properly care for a new dog during the

first year?___________________________________________________________________________

Yearly medical exams are required: weekly grooming, combing, dremmeling nails and brushing teeth,

Who will be responsible for their care and training? _______________________________________________

Please list your family members and their ages, what they do whether work or school, where they work or attend school and how many hours a day?_____________________________________________




Does anyone in your home have allergies?__________________________________________

If you could no longer care for your dog for any reason or because of divorce, sickness or death of a family member what would you do? ___________________________________________________________________

If distance away from us makes us unable to make a home visit, do you have a Vet that would recommend you for a puppy? ________________________________________________If no other pets, do you have a  reference?__________________________________________________________________________



Thanks for taking the time to fill this out.  We hope that you can be

blessed as we have by owning a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful

Welsh Cardigan Corgi!  They are the best dogs in the World!


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you from:

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