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We want you to see the many talents of our dogs including breed and junior handling at shows, costume contests, agility and Plays!

Our beautiful Tricolor Carys from Emma's litter born in January 2006. Carys will have hips and eyes checked in May and after that we hope to breed her

Princess arrive in our Family in 1999. Our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Katie and Princess are devoted to each other. They are our two little Princesses!

When it comes to intelligence, beauty and personality you will love Hwynn. Hwynn was born April 2006 and will have eyes and hips checked in May. After that we hope to breed her. Hwynn is a brindle and is in the arms of our daughter Katie.

Katie, Emma and Elowyn win the Costume Contest at the Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club August 2005

Judy welcomes our first Cardigan, Princess to our home in 1999

Katie showing Elowyn at National Specialty May 2005 Sturbridge, MASS

Princess in Parade at Ho. Co. Fair August 2000

Princess going to sleep on Katie's bed with all her toys 1999

Valentine Greetings from our Cardigan Corgi Family

Our Cardigans win the Pretty Animal Contest at the Howard County Fair August 2004 with a beach theme!

Princess and Katie 2001

Katie and Elowyn place first in Senior Handler at Specialty 2005

Katie with Princess and Teddy and their puppies Emma and Elowyn win the Pretty Animal Contest at the Howard County Fair August 2003

Princess asleep on some pillows 2002

Katie and Elowyn with other Junior Handlers and their dogs at National Cardigan Specialty May 2005

Elowyn, Emma and Teddy in the their Holiday Best for the Middleburg Christmas Parade 2005

Our dogs star in a Play "A Time for Christmas." Teddy portrays a lamb with Katie as a shepherd 2002

Katie with Emma at National Cardigan Specialty, Sturbridge, MS May 2005

Family at Christmas 2001 with our new horse from Iceland Skyssa

Teddy's debut as a lamb in "A Time for Christmas"

July 4, 2003 Alex and Teddy winning Junior Handling at the Northeastern Kennel Club

Christmas 2003 with our family of 5 Welsh Cardigan Corgis Princess and Teddy and their adorable pups Summer 2003

Princess and Teddy making their Acting debut in "A Time for Christmas" 2002

Alex winning 1st in Junior handling with Teddy at Annapolis Kennel Club August 2001

Katie leading the Corgi Corps at the Middleburg Parade 2002

The Cast gets a standing ovation, Princess and Teddy are the Stars! December 2002

Katie getting ready to go into Show Ring At Old Dominion Show with Princess and Teddy April 2003

Judy with our beautiful Elowyn at one of the Chesapeake Cardigan Corgi meetings and Shows.

Teddy's daughter Elowyn at only 6 months along with Teddy joins the cast of "A Time For Christmas" 2003

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